Farewell for ISC Students

Making Memories, Leaving a Legacy…

The ISC graduation ceremony, ‘Da Svidaniya’ held on January 27th, 2024, commencing at 5:30 pm was a momentous occasion attended by ISC teachers, students, and their proud parents. The event was skilfully organized by the students of Grade XI. The distinguished Rt. Rev. Joseph Kallarackal, Bishop of Jaipur, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, while Rev. Fr. Dr. Binu, Principal of SFS Degree College, was the Guest of Honour.

The programme commenced with a soulful prayer dance, setting a serene ambiance, followed by the symbolic lighting of the lamp. The ceremonial lighting of candles marked a significant moment, as teachers kindled their flames from the Bishop, passing the light to the students, symbolizing knowledge and enlightenment.

Rev. Fr. Binoy, the Principal of SFS School led the students in the oath taking ceremony, a solemn commitment to their future endeavours, echoed by the flickering light of their candles. The esteemed dignitaries, Rt. Rev. Joseph Kallarackal, Rev. Fr. Dr. Binu, and Rev. Fr. Binoy, imparted their wisdom, congratulating the graduates and imparting their blessings for their journey ahead. The distribution of mementos and certificates added a touch of honour to the occasion, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the graduates. Ms. Jayalakshmi, the class teacher of Grade XII shared heartfelt reflections on the students, while student representatives Nandan and Sanjana reminisced about cherished memories and expressed gratitude to the teachers who shaped their academic journey.

The melodious fusion of flute music by Grade XI students captivated the audience, adding a musical flourish to the evening. A joyous photo session captured cherished moments with the dignitaries and teachers, followed by the traditional tossing of the hat, symbolizing the transition to the next chapter of their lives.

As the clock struck 8 PM, the graduation ceremony concluded on a high note, with attendees savouring a delectable dinner, celebrating the achievements and promising futures of the graduating class.