SANKALP-KG Graduation Day 2024

Tiny Hands, Big Dreams

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony Sankalp 2024 was held on 2 nd March, 2024. It was a joyous occasion, filled with pride, celebration and excitement as parents, teachers and students gathered to commemorate this significant milestone. The formal programme was hosted by students of LKG.

The ceremony commenced with the invocation dance followed by lighting of the lamp. Addressing the gathering with wisdom and empathy, the Chief Guest of the day Rev. Sr. Dr. Sonia, a distinguished psychotherapist, shared insightful reflections on the importance of nurturing young minds and fostering emotional well-being in education.

The symbolic candle lighting ceremony was graced by the chief guest who ignited the first flame, passed it to the teachers which was then passed on to the students symbolizing the imparting of knowledge, experience and inspiration.

Rev. Fr. Binoy, the Principal led the oath ceremony, while the graduates echoed the pledge affirming their dedication, followed by a heart-warming song.

Rev. Fr. Joshy, the Guest of Honour delivered an inspiring speech emphasizing the significance of holistic development.

The highlighted moment of the ceremony was the presentation of mementos and certificates to each UKG graduates.

With genuine warmth and enthusiasm Ms. Radhai, Kindergarten Coordinator conveyed a heartfelt message expressing profound gratitude to the principal, the visionary and creative force behind the proposal to conduct Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony for the first time in the history of St. Francis De Sales Public school. She further extended appreciation to all the staff members, students and parents for their unwavering dedication and support.

The programme ended with words of gratitude shared by the little UKG graduates, whose innocence and modesty deeply resonated with the audience.