Parent Testimonials

St. Francis de Sales Public School (ICSE & ISC) Electronic City, Karnataka

Sri Bala Sajani

UKG - 'E'

From Sri Bala Sajani's Parents

Balamurugan &
Bala Raja Subha

Jyoti Athaide

Class Teacher

U.K.G – E


Jyoti Athaide - UKG 'E' - 2022-2023

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Sri Bala Sajani’s wonderful class teacher, Mrs. Jyoti Athaide (U.K.G – E 2022-2023). Mrs. Jyoti Athaide has been an exceptional teacher throughout the year, demonstrating a deep passion for teaching and an unwavering commitment to the success of students. Her ability to engage with students and create a positive learning environment is truly remarkable.

Mrs. Jyoti Athaide has been able to tailor her teaching methods to meet the needs of each individual student including my daughter Sri Bala Sajani, ensuring that all students have a solid understanding of the subjects covered. She has always been available to provide extra help and support whenever needed. I am grateful to Mrs. Jyoti Athaide and am confident that she will continue to inspire and educate many students in the future.

Testimonial for each and every one

(Teachers, Caregivers, frontdesk staff & Bus drivers)
I am privileged to write this testimonial for the wonderful teachers (Radhai, Seema, Priyanka, Jennifer), caregiver (Jeysheela), front desk staff(Arul), and bus drivers (Balappa 37, Ragavendra 24) at our school (S.F.S Public School (ICSE & ISC) Electronic City, Karnataka) Apologies for missing out few staff names will learn & remember their names in future. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to their respective roles are truly remarkable.

The subject teacher's passion for teaching has made the learning experience engaging and enjoyable, while the caregiver's compassionate nature has created a safe and nurturing environment. The front desk staff's friendly and helpful demeanor has made the administrative process smooth, and the bus driver's commitment to safety has ensured a stress-free commute to and from school. I am grateful for the exceptional team of professionals at our school who have made my daughter’s (Sri Bala Sajani UKG – E 2022 – 2023) education experience an unforgettable one.

St. Francis de Sales Public School (ICSE & ISC), Electronic City, Karnataka

Iam delightful in writing this testimonial for our school (St. Francis de Sales Public School (ICSE & ISC), Electronic City, Karnataka), which has been an exceptional place for learning. The school has supportive and caring environment, where teachers are committed to the success of the students.

The school’s dedication to providing a well-rounded education is evident in its broad range of extracurricular activities, which have enabled my daughter Sri Bala Sajani (UKG – E 2022-2023) to develop a diverse set of skills and interests. The facilities at the school are top-notch, and the emphasis by the school on technology and innovation to build a stronger tomorrow. I am grateful for the education that my daughter and other kids receiving at the school and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an outstanding place of learning.

Thank you note

Dear Father,
I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your leadership and dedication to the school (St. Francis de Sales Public School (ICSE & ISC), Electronic City, Karnataka) community. Your tireless efforts to create a positive learning environment for students, teachers, and staff have not gone unnoticed. The initiatives you have implemented have been truly inspiring, and the impact they have had on our school community is immeasurable.

Your unwavering commitment to excellence has helped to raise the standard of education at our school, and I feel privileged that my daughter (Sri Bala Sajani UKG – E 2022 - 2023) is part of such a wonderful community. Your leadership has inspired and motivated us all to strive for greatness, and your support and guidance have been invaluable.

Once again, thank you for all that you do. Your leadership and vision have made a significant difference in students and in our lives, and we are grateful for your unwavering commitment to our school community..