Virtual Classroom

“Our mission has been to ensure that learning will never be interrupted, no matter what,”

Despite the lockdown, we at St. Francis Desales Public School ICSE & ISC have taken timely steps to continue the flow of education by conducting online classes for students to keep them encouraged, stay motivated and deal resiliently with the epidemic-induced anxiety by revamping timetables.

We needed to offer a lot more to our students during this pandemic, so keeping that in mind, we got Microsoft Teams subscription for the entire school at the beginning of the new session in 2020 as it provided many tools for teaching and learning. Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork in Office 365. It brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, files, and conversations into one single platform accessible on a PC, mobile device, tablet, or browser. Put simply, Teams provides the students with an actual feel of a classroom. It allows educators to create their own class, with their respective students, share lessons, create assignments, collaborate virtually in real-time, and provide personalized feedback all in one hub.

Teachers of St. Francis Desales Public School ICSE & ISC are consistently putting extra effort to engage students in classes by shifting discussions online, conducting exams online, taking feedback from parents and monitoring students constantly. Teachers also share all the useful information over the MS Teams and keep it securely preserved in an electronic archive. It makes the process of interaction so much easy between the school, teacher and students. It also ensures that if students need further explanations, they can easily view these records or chat with their teacher or make a call to their teacher through MS teams and resolve doubts instantly.

At SFS Public School, we are committed to provide quality education to each and every student and we are able to fulfill our goal during this pandemic due to the constant support and encouragement of the parent community.